Welcome to Goldney EquinePhysio

A Worcestershire based service from a fully qualified and insured Veterinary Physiotherapist registered with the NAVP.


How can I help you?


Physiotherapists aid with the rehabilitation process after injury, surgery or time off. We work with you and your horse to create a clear path to your end goal, whether to be to get back out competing or simply to start enjoy spending time with your horse again. 

Physiotherapists also provide maintenance treatment to keep horses of all ages, shapes and sizes happy, healthy and free from pain and discomfort. This includes resolving issues related to:

  • Previously ill-fitting tack

  • Stiffness through the back

  • Asymmetry through the pelvis, shoulders and poll

  • Stiffness on a particular rein

  • Weak musculature

  • Sudden onset of behavioural issues 

  • And the list goes on!!

My Qualifications

Having undertaken a 4-year veterinary physiotherapy degree at Harper Adams University, I can offer high-quality rehabilitation plans including:

  • Manual therapies such as massage

  • Innovative electrotherapies to increase recovery time

  • Work with you and your horse to create a remedial exercise plan

  • Create performance programmes to make the most out of your partnership with your horse  

Click above to find out more about what Physiotherapy is, what to expect at your first session and find out a bit more about me