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Injury Rehabilitation

From personal experience, I understand how frustrating and stressful the rehabilitation process can be after an injury.

Many clients often feel that there is no clear path laid out for them and are left wondering when will the rehab ever end. 

If this is you, I can help by providing and acting on a clear rehab plan tailored specifically to your horse's injury to get you well on the way to recovery. 

Whether your aim is to get back out competing, to hack out down the lanes, or simply to enjoy spending time with your horse again, I can help you to achieve this goal.

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Treatment Plans 

Treatment plans vary depending on your horse's injury. I will work closely with your vet to discuss the best options for each individual case. Treatment may include:

  • Drug-free pain management strergies

  • Relieving muscle tension

  • H-wave treatment to increase blood flow lymphatic drainage and aid in soft tissue issues 

  • Week by week exercise plans aiming towards returning back to your exercise goals 

  • Promoting the correct healing of damaged tissues

  • Safely accelerating the healing process

  • Nutrition and supplement advice 

  • Weight management on box rest or restricted turnout 

Are you struggling with your horse's rehab?
Are you always short on time?
Do you find yourself saying "I wish I could just pay someone to do this for me"?

This package is for you!


3 x 1.5hr Sessions per Week

12 sessions over 4 week


2 x 1.5hr Sessions per Week

8 sessions over 4 week


Rehabilitation Package


What is included in each session?

Sessions will vary depending on your horse's specific needs but may include:

  • H-Wave Treatment

  • Photizo Infrared light therapy

  • Stretches and specific strengthening exercises e.g. carrot stretches, sternal lifts etc...

  • Massage 

  • Hand walking/ hand grazing

  • Long-reining

  • Walk work under saddle (in specific cases where appropriate)

  • Cold Hosing

  • Bandage Changes

  • Home exercise programme e.g. pole work and other strengthening exercises 

  • Other treatments may be discussed 

Do I need to be there?

You do not need to attend every session unless you want to as long as you are happy for me to have access to any tack or specific equipment needed for the sessions. I will also obviously need access to your horse. For this reason, I ask that you attend the first session. *Please note that your horse must be safe to treat without a handler*

Do I need to book an initial assessment session?

Yes. New clients will need to book an initial assessment session so that a personalised treatment plan can be created 

Do I need a vet referral form?

Yes. All rehabilitation clients must have a signed referral form from their veterinary surgeon. This is so that I can discuss the full workup and diagnosis with your vet and keep them informed of the progress. 


Book through the website, email or phone to discuss injury rehabilitation options. 


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