Canine Physiotherapy

Canine Physiotherapy sessions are now available!

Our dogs need attention too which is why Goldney EquinePhysio now offers canine sessions for dogs that need physiotherapy under veterinary advice.

This included treatment for conditions such as:

  • Arthritis

  • Cruciate ligament ruptures/ surgery

  • Hip Dysplasia 

  • Elbow Dysplasia 

  • Luxating Patellar

  • And many more!!

My Experience

I have a vast amount of canine experience from twice-weekly clinics during my studies at Harper Adams University at their rehabilitation centre and also from working at Bluewaters Canine Hydrotherapy centre for 6 months where I met many lovely dogs undergoing rehabilitation. 

I also have my own dog Maisie who is undergoing rehabilitation for Luxating Patellars. She has regular physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions and so far we have managed to avoid surgery altogether!

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Initial Assessment

1hr session

Included a full head to toe assessment of how your dog moves, to locate areas of muscle tension or discomfort, and assessment of each joint in order to create a personal treatment plan


Follow-up Session

45min session

Targetted treatment including massage, mobilisation technics, trigger point release and myofascial release techniques  



To Book an appointment:

Email: goldneyequinephysio@gmail.com


Phone: 07494505191