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H-Wave, Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your most commonly asked questions about H-wave Therapy in Equine Physiotherapy

So many of your will have noticed that I often include H-Wave therapy in my treatment regimes and I find I often get a lot of questions, partly because it is so cool to watch. As a fully qualified veterinary physiotherapist, I have spent more time than I care to admit researching the best piece of equipment that will help the majority of my clients. The H-Wave is a very handy machine that can be useful for a wide variety of horses from rehabilitation cases to maintenance treatment sessions.

So, here are some of your most frequently asked questions answered.

FAQ #1: What does it do?

So here's the real question, what does it actually do? Well, in short, the machine produces an electrical signal similar to that naturally found in the body to stimulate a muscle contraction.

FAQ #2: What therapeutic benefits does this have?

So we know what it physical does, but how does this help? The muscle contraction improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, relaxes muscle spasms, improves range of motion, releases trigger points and can reduce muscle wastage due to disuse (e.g. if your horse is on box rest)

"H-Wave is a multi-functional electrical stimulation device intended to speed recovery, restore function, and manage chronic, acute or post-operative pain." – H-Wave specialist

FAQ #3: What does it feel like?

I felt that I couldn't use a product on my client's horses that I wouldn't use on myself, so I can tell you exactly what H-Wave therapy feels like. At a low frequency, it feels like someone is gently tapping at your skin, but at a higher frequency, it feels more like a gentle buzz. Neither of these causes any pain or discomfort, even when turned up to a high intensity!

FAQ #4: How long is the treatment?

H-Wae treatments can last anywhere from 5-30 mins although usually, treatment lasts around 20 mins. For rehabilitation cases, this is best repeated regularly, I usually recommend once a week for 4-6 weeks for optimum results.

FAQ #5: So what is it actually used for?

H-Wave can be used on any large muscle group to treat a variety of issues which is why I love it! I most commonly use it for treating muscle tension and pain along the back, but I also find it useful for other issues such as sacroiliac pain and dysfunction.

Sounds great, how do I book?

So in short, H-Wave therapy has its benefits for a wide variety of horses which is why I often incorporate it in my treatment sessions alongside other physiotherapy techniques such as deep tissue massage and myofascial release.

To book a treatment session call Hannah on 07494505191 or book through my website via the bottom below.

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