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Pole-Work Exercise of the Month- November

Now that winter is upon us and the nights are getting dark, why not try out this month's pole-work exercise to mix up your training sessions.

This months exercise is about shortening and lengthening your horse's stride length. This can be useful when introducing some medium or extended trot work into your schooling sessions and also challenges your horse's brain.

Firstly, you will need to work out your horse's comfortable trot pole distance. I suggest starting by placing 3 poles with 4-foot lengths between them. Play around with this distance until you find that your horse places one foot in the middle of each pole when trotting at a forwards pace.

Now that you have worked this out, you can shorten this distance for one set of poles, and lengthen the distance of another set. I recommend setting the poles on a curve for an extra core workout and to encourage some lateral bend into the exercise. (See the image below).

In this exercise, your aim is to keep the trot rhythm the same but to shorten and lengthen the stride length. This does not mean speed up and slow down so keep your leg on and an even contact.

I would love to see you trying out this exercise so please do tag me in your Instagram or Facebook posts @GoldneyEquinePhysio

Keep your eyes peeled for next months Pole-Work Exercise of the Month!!

All pole-work exercises are great for encouraging your horse to pick up their feet, activate the hind end and core muscles and get their brain working. Please do not attempt these exercises if your horse is undergoing rehabilitation or is lame unless your vet or physio has told you to do so.

If you are at all concerned about your horse, please do not hesitate to book an appointment by calling 07494505191 or by email

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